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Purchasing a used car is an excellent way to save money. Since the value of vehicles depreciates very quickly, you might get your hands on a quality used vehicle and thus saving thousands. Finding the used car is a difficult task and takes time, and if you are lucky and find 'the one,' it could be tempting for you to buy it instantaneously. But before you buy the car, there is an important aspect to look for, and that is a pre-purchase inspection (PPI). 

According to experts, a qualified expert should inspect the used vehicle prior to the final negotiation of the purchase. Ordinary car buyers, even if they are familiar with the vehicle, may not understand it correctly. A thorough examination by a specialist will tell you whether to buy or not.

Our mechanic can do pre purchase inspections Melbourne and perform scan for various computer errors in the vehicle and test run the car if the car is safe and operable and the owner has permission. If the mechanic inspects the vehicle is not authorized to test run the car, or if the car's test run is unsafe, the inspection shall be completed without the road test section. For your convenience, our mechanics visit the vehicle owner's agreed location to inspect the vehicle. The mechanic performs standard 200-point checks, including visual inspection of liquids, car bodies, brakes, cooling, suspensions, air conditioners, tires, and overall appearance.
pre purchase inspections
If you are buying a car without a warranty, we strongly recommend that you get pre purchase inspections Melbourne. This decision makes financial sense as you are omitting most of common risks and moreover we can identify potential faults which otherwise very hard to identify. Discovering problems before buying a car can save you a lot of money. You can use the problems you find to negotiate a better price for your car.

If the price is too high or the car is unsafe, you can find something safer for yourself and your family without buying it altogether.A professional inspector will perform a detailed inspection of 200 points and submit a detailed inspection report. This report allows you to make informed decisions when buying a used car from an unknown seller or dealer of used cars. Our service supports our strong will to seek absolute transparency in the used car market.

We use the latest inspection and verification standards, and all the inspectors are professionally trained professionals. We ensure that the reports issued are independent, objective and impartial. The checklist used for the test is also mutually exclusive and comprehensive and covers all important parameters.
Where do I get a car review?
If you are purchasing the car from a dealer, you can generally run the auto inspection onsite. You also can get it to inspect by an independent mechanic such as Vic Mobile Mechanic. As a customer, it is your right to have a Pre Purchase Car Inspection. You can hire Vic Mobile Mechanic. They have years of experience and are ready to assist you round the clock.What can you Find in Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?
Professional like Vic Mobile Mechanic will check every part of your vehicle for wear and tear. They provide a complete report that confirms all systems of the automobile are functioning efficiently.
Take Advantage of Vic Mobile Mechanic
Vic Mobile Mechanic have multi-point inspection techniques that check all important parts inside your car so that you can be certain all components are functioning perfectly.



Our experts with years of experience in the used car industry will provide you with the best advice.

Independent feedback

Our experts only provide honest and impartial feedback based on vehicle inspections. If you still have doubts about the car. Please feel free to ask.

200 points inspection

Check the condition of your car in detail with a comprehensive inspection check of 200 points by experts.

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