Auto AC Service: Now Available at Your Doorstep

Car Air Condition

Your car’s AC system might be something that you have always taken for granted – until you have encountered a problem. Whether it is about your car AC taking too long to cool or problem with improper defogging of the windows, some of such auto AC system problems can prove to be very expensive in view of lack of proper care and precautions.

Do you know how your car’s Air Conditioning System Works?

The Air Conditioning system of your car works by allowing air conditioning compressor to compress a refrigerant and pump It throughout the air conditioning system. During the process, the refrigerant is pressed through a valve that aims to reduce the pressure and temperature and then it moves through evaporator in the passenger compartment that delivers dry and cool air.

What could be common problems with your Auto AC?

  • Some of the common Car AC problems in Victoria that you should always check for are: 
  • Damage to the Condenser
  • Low level of refrigerant – It is important to not that it diminishes by 15% each year. 
  • Defective clutch, cracked or damaged compressor belt, idle valves, or inactive power switches
  • Dying compressor producing strange noise
  • Moist Air inside the car because of debris trapped inside the AC System 
  • Smelly Air inside the car especially when car’s AC System hasn’t been used for a while
How to maintain a healthy Auto AC System?

It is very important that your car’s AC System should be in good condition at all times to ensure optimum passenger comfort, particularly during the hot summer days when it is most desired. In order to operate effectively, your car’s AC system relies on a number of components such as condenser, evaporator, compressor, etc. Like any other type of mechanical parts, these components are also prone to wear and tear and demand inspection and servicing at regular intervals. To maintain your car’s AC System, you can also opt for mobile mechanic services in Victoria, where you get experts visit and inspect/service your car AC without you having to leave the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the tips that you might want to follow to maintain healthy Car AC System:

  1. Keep an eye on any damage or leaks in the air conditioning system.
  2. Keep a check on the air conditioning belt on a regular basis to look for any cracks or damage.
  3. Refrigerant should be emptied out at regular intervals.
  4. Recharge your car’s air conditioning system by using good quality refrigerant. The refrigerant should be the right type and used in right quantity. It is best to seek help of an expert mechanic to obtain guidance and servicing.
  5. Perform regular servicing of your car and air conditioning system to include all important components like electrical controls, evaporator, condenser, and compressor.

Whenever you get your car serviced by best mechanic, make sure you get your Auto AC System thoroughly inspected as well. It becomes an important practice before the onset of summer months. A healthy and well-maintained Auto AC System will ensure that you don’t get caught out by sudden heat at any season and the passengers stay comfortable at all times.

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