When driving a motor vehicle, having a properly functioning brakes are highly essential. The performance of vehicle’s brakes should be a major concern for all vehicle owners as well as drivers. In the real world, car brakes repair is often considered as the last thing in our mind. At VIC Mobile Mechanics, we always urge our clients to get brake inspections done at regular intervals. Our mobile mechanic services at the convenience of your home, office or anywhere you want not only save your precious time but offer you with the most customized solution for your needs.

Our team of expert auto mechanics at VIC Mobile Mechanics specializes in brake repair and replacement and are always just a call away. Based on the needs of our customers, we offer all types of brake repairs, brake machining, as well as fitting brake pads, brake rotors, motor cylinders, or any other service that your vehicle may warrant.


Car clutch is another important part of the car that should be checked regularly so that you do not get hit with nasty bills. The main three parts of clutch are: 

  1. Pressure plate
  2. Clutch plate
  3. Release Bearing

Main service repair we for clutches involves: 

  1. Remove Gearbox and old clutch 
  2. Inspect Flywheel 
  3. Replace and align new clutch
  4. Re install the gearbox
  5. Adjust new clutch

We perform clutch service and repairs at the time and place convenient to our clients.

Reliability and Promptness

At ViC Mobile Mechanics, we take pride in serving our customers with utmost reliability and promptness. Mobile Brake Repair and disc brake machining are the specialities of our team. We can also help if your Do-It-Yourself brake repair has gone wrong… We strive to ensure that irrespective of the intensity of the problem, your vehicle is up and running safely.

Yes - We are fully mobile

A visit to garage may eat up your precious time and take a toll of your weekends, which you would otherwise spend with your family. But with our mobile services, you can opt for your vehicle’s brake repairs and clutch repair in VIC at any time without having to leave your office, home, or anywhere you want. Even if you are in the middle of a road and you are in need of some urgent auto repairs, you can always call us and get your brakes repair done on site.