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Minor, Major and LogBook Service: Get it Done When and Where You Need

Regular servicing of your vehicle is a good way to pick up any vehicle problems at an early stage which can otherwise end up costing you a lot of money to get the same fixed at a later stage. Particularly there are two types of services – Minor and Major Auto Services in Victoria.

Minor Service

The Very Basic Service Your Vehicle Needs Regularly
Car Service

A minor service, which is also called a basic service, typically only includes changing of vehicle’s oil, changing of oil filter, topping up all fluids, and a general checkup of your vehicle. Generally minor services for vehicle are performed at 7,500, 15,000, 45,000 and 75,000 miles. Some people think that it is not important to stay on track with minor services as it is with major service of your vehicle in Victoria, but this does not hold true. Even though minor auto service in Victoria doesn’t involve a lot of money, it is indispensable for good health of your vehicle. A minor service typically involves:

  1. Complete replacement of your engine oil with clean oil so as to ensure smooth running of your vehicle. 
  2. Replacement of oil filter of your vehicle. 
  3.  Fluids to be flushed and drained. These include fluids pertaining to clutch, power steering, coolant, brake, and transmission. 
  4.  Battery is tested to ensure it is getting charged and doesn’t need any replacement.
  5.  Full safety inspection if performed on the vehicle to pick up anything that needs fixing or replacement. 
  6.  A test drive is performed to make sure nothing has been missed out.

Major Service

Comprehensive Solution That Your Vehicle Needs

Most of us dread taking our vehicle to garage for a major service. This is now simplified with the advent of mobile auto services by VIC Mobile Mechanic. The concept in its nutshell aims to maximize comfort of the car owners/drivers without compromising on the quality of the services. Some of the components of a major auto service include the following:

  1. Spark Plug Replacement – Spark Plug gets replaced to maximize efficiency of fuel.
  2.  Brakes – The brakes are adjusted, cleaned and properly inspected to take necessary action. 
  3.  Safety Inspection – Full safety inspection criteria is performed by an expert auto mechanic in Victoria so that while driving you have complete confidence in your car.
  4.  Road Test – All major services include a road test so that any problems can be detected early and can be resolved in a timely manner during major auto service in Victoria.
  5. Checkup and tuning – The gear box, diff oil, and transfer case are thoroughly checked. So are the wiper blades and bulbs of your vehicle to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

A well-done major service by an expert mobile auto mechanic can greatly help add years to your vehicle’s life. To cut on the time spent in lining up your vehicle at the garage and paying hefty amount while waiting long in queues, it is best to opt for mobile auto mechanic in Victoria. It will not only save your precious time but will also enhance your comfort while getting the car servicing done.

To check what type of service your vehicle needs, check your vehicle’s handbook, which should have all information on each service required.

Logbook Service

Service recommended by the vehicle manufacturer

Log book service is the service recommended by the car manufacturer and based mostly on the either kilometres driven by the vehicle or the number of years. This could be either minor service, major service or mixture of both. 

At VIC Mobile Mechanic, we offer you with comprehensive auto services of all types on the go. Whether it’s a minor service, major service, or logbook auto service, our professionalism and quality of output is perfect to match all your auto servicing needs. We offer one-stop solution for your complete servicing needs. We pride ourselves in providing most economical mobile auto services in Victoria. Our mobile mechanics are always just a call away at +61 450 795 445. To take a look at the wide range of mobile auto services we offer, you can visit our website: and to seek answers to your queries, feel free to write to us at: