Emergency Breakdown

We offer Trusted Roadside assistance In the Hour of Need

A car breakdown on a highway or middle of a deserted road is something that we always dread about. It is an upsetting experience both for the driver and the passengers. In the unfortunate and unforeseen event of emergency car breakdown, all you need is immediate help from the trusted source. At Vic Mobile Mechanic, our goal is to ensure that you get prompt assistance during such emergency situations. Our expert technicians understand the need of being there timely for you so as to cut on your downtime in the event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown of car.


Staying Safe if Your Vehicle Has Broken Down – Some Tips To Note

After calling our emergency number, you can be rest assured that our mechanic will reach to help you in the fastest possible time. After calling us for help for instant breakdown, it is imperative that you stay safe until the support from our team arrives. While wanting for help, your priority is looking after yourself and your passengers until the experts arrive on site.

Here are some of the tips that you should follow to stay safe while waiting for help to arrive:

  • Get out of the vehicle from the passengers’ side. This refers to not exiting the vehicle from the driver’s side that will save you from stepping out into the road and getting into the way of oncoming traffic on the road.
  • If for some reason, you cannot get out of the road, pull you vehicle as far to the left of the road as possible. You should turn your hazard lights ON to send a warning to the other drivers on road.
  • Stay far away from the road. If you are on the motorway, you should try to get close to the barrier at the roadside as much as you can. Make sure you relay all these instructions to the passengers as well and they follow the same.
  • Be aware of oncoming traffic on the road at all times.
  • If for some reason you cannot access your phone, try to locate an emergency telephone and call for help.

We Cover Everything – Your One-Stop Solution

In the unfortunate and unforeseen event of Emergency Car repair breakdown, all you need is immediate help from the trusted source. At Vic Mobile Mechanic, our goal is to ensure that you get prompt assistance during such emergency situations.We cover all sorts of emergency breakdown which include but is not limited to emergency jump starting an automobile, diagnosing and repairing mechanical problems, changing a flat tire, towing your vehicle, pulling out a vehicle that gets stuck, helping passengers and driver get out of vehicle, and providing fuel if you have run out of that.

Some of the common problems that our experts in auto breakdown commonly resolve are:

  1. Empty gas tank
  2. Tires that have blown out
  3. Failure of Engine
  4. Dead battery
  5. Wheels of vehicle stuck in mud
  6. Keys getting locked inside the vehicle

During such tough times, it is best to keep our emergency number handy. You can reach us at +61 450 795 445 to get instant help. We will make it as fast as possible for you. Our highly trained staff is well versed with different types of auto repair problems in Victoria and they resolve it quickly, given their high expertise and experience in the field. To enjoy the unforgettable 24 hours a day, every day of the year, you can keep our emergency roadside auto assistance number handy and leave your breakdown troubles to us. Our mechanics will save a lot of your time and our services are most economically priced. Mobile mechanics in our team will reach you in no time and you can relax while we get your car back to road quickly