Front End and Bush Replacement 

Made Easier with Mobile Services

Most of the vehicles today have a precise steering system and taking care of different parts of that system become even more critical. When front end components of a vehicle are damaged or worn out, the vehicle may not be able to track the roadway properly. As a result of wearing out or damage, your vehicle is more likely to feel every bump on the road causing your vehicle to sway out of control. With advent of latest in the field of auto repairs, technicians can replace all front end components with new parts to restore your vehicle’s good health.

What does front end include?

Depending upon the model and type of vehicle, the frond end includes pitman arms, tie rod ends, idler arms, center links, wishbone, trailing arm, control arms, bushings, sway bars and links, and much more.


What is Front End Inspection and Why Should I get it?

You might have heard of front-end inspection but you must not be sure what it entails. Front End Inspection and Repair by Mobile Experts is something that enables you to get all the auto repairs done without the need to leave the convenience of your home. No need to line up in waiting at the garage or spend time driving to the garage, which often takes a toll of your holiday or weekend.

During the Front End Inspection, your vehicle will be placed on the vehicle lift and raised so that our front end repair expert in Victoria can get a clear and detailed view of the front end of the vehicle. During the inspection, the mechanic will take a look and note any type of damage, wearing, or leakage visible to the front end of the vehicle. As a fact, many of the parts of the front end of the vehicle wear at the same rate and wear together, so in case of any wearing or tearing beyond service limit, you might have get replace multiple parts replaced together.

After inspection, our mobile front end inspection mechanic will give you a clear picture of the repairs required. Depending upon the extent of the damage, sometimes suspension bush replacement might also be needed. After your approval for the same, the mechanic will remove the damaged or torn components and replace them with new ones. Given the degree of damage and They will make sure that all the parts are secured and tightened in place to ensure you can safely drive when you hit the road. Once all parts are replaced, mechanic will complete front end alignment, which is the final stage of the process completion.

Sign that your front end and suspension bushes need inspection and replacement is not limited to a bad ride. A rattling noise from the vehicle might also indicate that something is wrong. Uneven tire wearing is also an indicative of your vehicle needing suspension bush replacement by mobile experts in Victoria. Remember, a worn out bush can make your car unstable and lead to an unstable ride, which is one of the most undesirable things for a driver or car owner.


If you are not sure if your front-end or vehicle bushes need replacement, you can always reach us at Vic Mobile Mechanic in Victoria. You can save our emergency number handy ( +61 450 795 445 ) to get instant help. Our mobile mechanic will come to visit you at your location and after inspection, will give you quote on replacement costs. Our highly trained staff is well versed with different types of front end and bush repair problems in Victoria and they work effectively to resolve it quickly, given their extensive experience in the field. To enjoy a smooth ride on your vehicle and a hassle free maintenance 24 hours a day, every day of the year, you can rely on us at VIC Mobile Mechanic. Just give us a call and leave your vehicle repair troubles to us. Our mechanics will save your time and our services are most reasonably priced. Mobile mechanics in our team are quick, efficient, and work effectively to provide you with best mobile car repair services.