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A vehicle’s suspension system is something that most of the people don’t care about. However, as our vehicle supports several tons of metal year after year, it takes a toll of its shocks and they wear out necessitating suspension repair by experts at regular intervals. Some people mistakenly believe that a car’s suspension system is all about having a smooth ride and these repairs are not as important as maintenances like brakes and oil changes. However, as a matter of fact, having a bad suspension system in your car can greatly limit your ability to control the vehicle, particularly when turning and stopping. So, it is in the best interest of all car owners and drivers to maintain a healthy car suspension system.

What is Your Car’s Suspension System?

The role of your car’s suspension system is to maximize friction between the car’s tire and the road, provide steering stability, and enhance passenger comfort. Some of the common suspension system components are springs, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, control arms, combat troops, etc.


Why does my car suspension system need repair/maintenance?

All the components of your car suspension system daily go through rain, snow, road salt, gravel, all types of dirt and grime, potholed streets, road tracks, and occasionally pieces of scrap, metal, or debris that is often seen too late to avoid. Under these conditions, any part of the car suspension system can get damaged or even get worn out from years of usage. There are a number of symptoms that you can spot in your vehicle indicating the need of a mobile suspension system repair expert:

  1. Rough Ride: If you begin to feel very bump on the road, it could be a sign that your vehicle’s shocks or struts are wearing out. When they are worn out, they can easily cause your vehicle’s body to bounce. Thus having a rough ride is an obvious sign that your car’s suspension system is in need of inspection
  2. Dips while stopping: Have you ever noticed that your vehicle’s body is lurching forward and downward upon firm application of brakes? It could be a sign that your shocks are worn out and need a check. This problem can greatly affect your ability to stop the vehicle.
  3. Drifting during taking turns: A failing suspension system will often make you feel that your vehicle is drifting when you are turning. This typically happens when shocks are not longer able to keep your vehicle’s body stable against the turn. This can also increase your risk of rollover. If you have felt such sensation during driving, its imperative that you call your trusted mobile car suspension system expert for a thorough inspection and repair.
  4. Oily Shocks: If you look under your vehicle and you see greasy or oily struts, it could be an indication that fluid is leaking from them, reason why they are not working optimally. It could be time to get the car suspension shocks inspection and repair done by experts.

Car suspension systems have evolved a lot over the recent years. However, despite so many advancements, problems continue to occur from time to time necessitating expert intervention. In the modern world, where time is money, mobile car suspension repair experts offer the safest bet for any type of car suspension repairs.

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