Need Timing Belt & Timing Chain Replacement ?

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Like any other machine, your vehicle also needs regular check-up and maintenance. Different parts of your vehicle are precisely interdependent to produce a smooth and functional operation. Timing Belt and Timing Chain work in synchrony to keep the perfect motion of the valves and pistons in your vehicle.

Timing Belt Vs. Timing Chain

Both timing belt and timing chain work in similar functional manner. The major difference between both is the local and the material. While one is constructed with reinforced rubber, other is constructed of metal. Timing chains were used prior to the introduction of timing belts, which came to use only in the 1960s. Timings belts are not only less expensive to produce but are also quieter. Timing Belts are located outside the vehicle’s engine and tend to dry out and crack earlier than the timing chains, which are located inside the engine, get lubricated and last a long time.

Difference Between The Respective Need For Replacement

A Timing Belt typically needs to be replaced between 60,000 to 160,000 Kilometres depending upon the your vehicle manufacturer, model, make, maintenance, and driving conditions. Newer vehicles with superior timing belts can easily go to 160,000 KM before requiring replacement. On the other hand, timing chain lasts a very long time, generally the life of the vehicle.

Signs and Symptoms of Your Timing Belt / Timing Chain Need a Check

If the timing belt of your vehicle is experiencing trouble, the belt may move differently that may bring a change in the mechanical timing of the vehicle. There are, however, no clear-cut signs that timing belt is going out. Unfortunately, it often happens suddenly without warning, which is why it is always recommended by mobile auto repair experts to get the timing belt replaced after certain mileage and/or age. Anything wrong with the timing chain or belt can lead to engine seize, stopping of vehicle, or experience of significant power loss, etc. If the timing chain of your vehicle has gone bad, it will make considerable noise indicating the problem.

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Golden Words – “Prevention is the Key”

It is no less than a nightmare to have the timing chain go out while driving. The vehicle engine can be jammed if the timing belts are not looked after properly. It is thus recommended by mobile timing chain repair experts to have it replaced based on manufacturer’s recommendations. It is imperative to note that chain driven vehicles are dependent on oil viscosity. Modern lightest oils are designed in a way to reach the smallest areas in order to keep all areas of engine lubricated.

Here are some of the tips to keep your timing chain and belt running for longer period of time:

1. Make sure your engine has enough oil. Running the engine low on oil can make the belt wear faster.

2. Timely oil changes. Over time, the engine oil degrades. Dirty oil doesn’t lubricate as the clean oil does. The oil change reminder mainly works based on the mileage and time. It is best to keep the engine topped up with clean and sufficient oil.

3. Always bank upon highly knowledgeable and dependable auto mechanic in Victoria. Be weary of shops and garages with bad reviews.

4.  It is always a good idea to bank upon a trusted timing belt/chain replacement mechanic and bring your car to that mechanic. An auto mechanic who takes care of servicing of your car knows the needs of your vehicle and will do a better job to retain you as a satisfied customer visit after visit.

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