Wheel Bearings

Wobbly Wheels? Your Vehicle Might Need Wheel Bearing Repair

The wheels of your vehicle rotate by making use of wheel bearings. Wheel bearings are used in both front and back wheels. These Mobile Wheel Bearing Repairs are designed in a way that spin in a cage in order to carry weight of the vehicle. There are different types and designs of wheel bearings. Commonly used wheel bearings are – roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, ball bearings, taper roller bearings, etc.

Wheel beerings

Why Does my Vehicle Need Wheel Bearing Repair?

Typically, well-maintained wheel bearings can last over 100,000 miles. Each individual wheel has its own bearing and it is also possible that just one of those bearings is worn out and others are still in good condition. However, sounds like groans, clicks, rumbles often indicate that your bearing needs replacement. Worn out bearings cannot carry the weight of your vehicle and problems tend to arise.


Top 5 Symptoms That Your Wheel Bearing is in Bad Condition

To determine the condition of the wheel bearings of your vehicle, here are some symptoms to watch for:

  1. Uneven Wearing of Tires: When the bearings of a tire wear out, that tire tends to wear out unevenly from the rest of the tires. This can also cause the corresponding tire to wear out abnormally. So, if you are noticing uneven wearing out of your vehicle’s tire, it could indicate a bad wheel bearing and hence wheel bearing repair might be necessitated by the hands of mobile Vic Auto Repair Experts.
  2. Vibration in Steering Wheel: When the extent of wheel bearing damage is high, the steering wheel tends to vibrate. You might notice vibration in the steering wheel even at slower speed but the vibration may get stronger as you accelerate your vehicle. In such a scenario, you should call the mobile Vic Auto Repair Mechanic to pay a visit and inspect your vehicle for a probable wheel bearing replacement.
  3. Grinding Noise: If you hear grinding noise coming from your vehicle’s tires, it might indicate bad health of wheel bearings. The grinding noise is often caused when the wheel bearings have lost their lubricity and tend to build up a lot of heat inside them. This grinding noise coming form the tires is most noticeable when vehicle takes turns or shifts.
  4. Excess Wheel Wobbling: If your car’s wheel moves back and forth upon rocking, it likely indicates you have a bad wheel bearing. When the wheel bearings are in good shape, there is no excess play or wobbling that is noticeable. Do not drive when you feel excess wheel wobbling, just call the expert auto mechanic in Victoria to inspect the problem and help you with the most suitable solution.
  5. Pulling of vehicle to one side: If you experience call pulling to one side upon applying brakes, it could indicate a corroded or pitted bearing. It happens when the smooth lining that surrounds the bearing is no longer there and the rough surface causes vibration to the tire. This generally happens when bearings go through excessive amount of wearing and tearing. 

If left unattended, wheel bearing issues can lead to bigger problems. Getting an inspection and replacement at the right time ensures that your vehicle is operating properly. Timely inspection, service, and repair of your vehicle and its parts lead to vehicle’s long life.

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